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All my friends are married
Except Charlie my best friend
Tonight on borrowed money
We're going for broke again
We'll be down at the Mid-Night Poolhall
My big game's been arranged

And tonight...
It's the night...
Rack 'em up real tight
My best friend bet his life on me
I can't lose tonight
I threw my sneakers 
On the telephone wire
I hear the speakers
Blasting out of Charlie's car
I'm sorry Momma
But I can't let Charlie down
I'm the Champion of Hudson Town
I'm the Champion of Hudson Town

"Why can't you be more like your brother"
Momma screams as I fly out the door
"You're old enough to be working now
You ain't sixteen no more"
But I don't care what the years say
I'm going strong, she's so wrong

And I admit I'm scared sometimes
But Charlie never knows
And if he ever doubts me
Well, at least it never shows
Anyway, life's a combination shot
To me and Charlie


I never asked for this
I was always the target
It's time to slit my wrists
I just fell in a dark pit
This guy walks in the poolroom
His nick name was Nine-Ball Sonny
I beat him bad all night
But he wouldn't pay my money
I cursed his family
Said a welsher ain't no man
He said, "Screw yourself"
And flashed a gun in his waistband
He said, "I'll see you soon"
It turned out he was the Black Hand

Hoboken nights
In the jaws of hell
Living on the line
I learned my lesson well
Hoboken nights
Duckin' wiseguys
Hey, what's right is right
It's the story of my life

The Hudson River swelled
As I walked down by the skyline
Thinking 'bout his threat
And slowly losing my mind
Suddenly a voice said,
"Don't turn around just listen,
The last guy that did this to Sonny...
He iced him
The devil's in the shadows
Waiting to ambush you
Be careful where you go
And watch out who you tell this to
Sonny knows your name, 
Where you live and what you're into"

My mother slapped my face
As I walked through the front door
She called me a disgrace
Said she wouldn't take it no more
On the avenue 
The night traffic was hummin'
Dead drunk on the sidewalk
I screamed, "I ain't runnin'!"
The shylark on the corner said, 
"The heat won't get no hotter"
He said Sonny got whacked
For skimmin' money from his father
He wore vanilla shoes
And he looked like Jake LaMotta

SALLY'S ON THE STREET TONIGHT Sally's by the clothesline Looking for a good time Man she's looking real fine Getting ready for Saturday night The boys are in the doorway Watching Sally's hips sway Thinking of something to say They'd love to hold her tight They'd love to turn out the lights And show her what they've got They shout... (CHORUS) "Sally's on the street tonight" And then they laugh, And say she's got no brains But she's got everything I need tonight Look at that, Don't it drive you insane What she's got on, What she's got on, The neighborhood can talk all they want I'll see you Sally on the street tonight Young, dizzy and pretty Running 'round the city They say that it's a pity She's so wild, she just can't be tamed The boy's are on the corner They can't hold back much longer They feel it getting stronger They want to call her name They'd love to play her game And give her all they've got They shout... (CHORUS) Sally's by the clothesline Looking for a good time Man she's looking real fine Getting ready for Saturday night They boys are by the front gate Too bad they got there too late I've got my arms around her waist I'm holding Sally tight We're gonna burn up the night I'll show her what I've got They shout... (CHORUS) MAGIC SUMMER TWILIGHT Quick behind the house let's hide I want no one to see I got some magic in my jacket Come along with me Baby I got tricks up my sleeve You've never seen I'll change this urban nightmare We're living into a golden dream (CHORUS) The sun's gonna rise In the middle of the night The world's gonna stop Spinning 'round... Maybe then you'll realize I'm the wizard of the night And we'll disappear In the magic summer twilight And we'll disappear In the magic summer twilight Underneath this fire escape And before your very eyes I'll snap my fingers in the air And away from here we'll fly No, baby, come on, don't punk out now Something's waiting for you Don't deny your dreams and fantasies They're coming true (CHORUS) BRAND NEW NIGHT I'm blowing out of this town Tonight like a desperate wind I'd never lie to you baby We'll start our lives over again You grew up believin' the lies Your momma told you were true And I grew up in my own little world C'mon a brand new night is callin' you It's a brand new night It's a brand new life tonight (CHORUS) I'm painting my name on the turnpike rocks Tonight and I'm driving away Just to remind the ones that know me That nobody owns me There are some games that I won't play Hold on to me baby, You've drivin' me crazy I'll love you all the rest of my life Our theme song's playing On the highway it's saying It's the morning of a brand new night It's a brand new night It's a brand new night tonight We won't have to worry no more At last we're gonna finally be free >From a scene full of empty talk It's a life that just ain't for me I don't care where we wind up tonight As long as I have you Turn that radio up all the way This brand new night'll see us through It's a brand new night It's a brand new night tonight (CHORUS) FRANKIE GO HOME "Oh, Frankie, I hate you" Tina said and slammed the car door "And keep your roses, too Don't call me up, I swear we're through" Then she sighed like in a movie scene And started to cry Frankie tried explaining But his hands were tied "Cause once dramatic girls get hurt They wanna die in the front row It seems that loves a danger zone Frankie go home Frankie go home "Oh, Frankie, save your breath Nothing you can say is gonna change my mind Let go of me You're just what Momma said you'd be" Then she looked up at the stars With teardrops in her eyes Frankie started sweatin' He felt sick inside Hey, all you gotta do is confess one little lie And your all alone You'd better leave the rest unknown Frankie go home Frankie go home "Oh, Frankie, get in your car And disappear from my block forever Right now i don't feel right Before I faint, just leave my sight" And as violins played Inside of Tina's mind Frankie begged her to get in And trust him one more time But she ran into the house And pulled down all the blinds Like a spoiled child She screamed, "I want to be alone"! Frankie go home Frankie go home There's no use talkin' Just keep walkin'... go home Those wedding bells They ring in hell Frankie go home You're such a fool You broke the rules Frankie go home MONTGOMERY STREET A saxman on the corner wails With his cap down low An open fire hydrant Down the block explodes Ice cream music Starts to play in the background >From tenement windows Fat women throw coins down To waiting hands Soon to be sticky ones As the whole block screams (CHORUS) I had a dream I was back on Montgomery Street And the neighborhood Was just the way it used to be I was young again My friends were there We'd hang all day Without a care And on summer nights We'd sing and dance Under the streetlights On Montgomery Street On Montgomery Street Hot shots wash and wax their cars In sweaty T-shirts Ballgames blare from radios While Latino girls flirt Kids play hopscotch In the burning black street Project mothers Hanging out wet sheets Small boys climb over hot roof tops With scraped knees As the landlord screams (CHORUS) THINK OF ME (Everytime The Radio Plays Something Sweet) Think of me Everytime the radio plays something sweet Wherever you are I'm sure that you won't forget me I dug up old graves of memories And saw you on that subway car Throwing kisses back to me as I cried When the train pulled away I wanted to die (CHORUS) And when the radio Plays that song That we used to know I start to cry For our love that died So many years ago The years peeled away And time erased your rejection Still, when I hear that song I think of all the fun that we had on those warm summer nights And the dozen roses that you said you'd send me when I one day captured all my dreams But I'm so far off Your gift I'll never see (CHORUS) Think of me Everytime the radio plays something sweet Close your eyes and recapture How it used to be Oh, I wish I could turn back time And find those moments with you Running through the rain Laughing in the street I can almost see you splashing after me (CHORUS) BRIANNA I'm walking the streets at night Wishing we'd never met I'll smoke one more cigarette And try my best to quiet down I'm gonna bang my head against the wall It's getting so I can't sleep at night You swore you'd love me Then broke my heart You're really tearing me apart No, don't go getting too close to me You'll stick your head in a lion's mouth I ain't got nothing to smile about (CHORUS) Brianna, Just when I thought I'd shine My luck ran out And I got left behind And now I'd better leave Before I... I'm walking the streets at night Wishing we'd never met I'll smoke one more cigarette And try my best to quiet down I'm gonna bang my head against the wall I don't know whether to laugh or cry I've had enough of your alibis It might take some time But I'll forget the night Up on the roof of the projects I kissed you lips as the deli sign Across the street winked a loveless eye (CHORUS) I'm walking the streets at night Wishing we'd never met I'll smoke one more cigarette And try my best to quiet down HIT AND RUN YEARS The moving truck will be here tomorrow And I'm feeling so confused I'm older and I'm much sadder now My heart's as beat up as my old shoes I thought I'd take one last look around Remind myself of something to miss The city music toyed with my ears And as I melted in the darkness (CHORUS) I was struck down by hit and run years Walking past landmarks in my life I was struck down by hit and run years And memories surround me from all sides Then they disappear Along with hit and run years Oh, those hit and run years Oh, those hit and run years... goodbye Past the phantoms of the schoolyard Through the juvenille jungle I roamed Past the trainyards and factories By the heavy industry zone A stranger asked me the baseball score He settled for my time instead He talked about all the greats he'd seen I tried to listen to what he said but... (CHORUS) I checked the time in front of the bank Decided I'd take the backstreets home Past the immigrant tenements The smell of whiskey and cheap cologne And as they watched from their windowpanes Cardboard faces pulled down their shades I thought of friends that I use to know And as I marched I my own parade (CHORUS) THE NEON WILDERNESS (CD #2) THE NEON WILDERNESS Bright marquees and hot burning city lights Blink and blind as strangers swarm the night Traffic roars and stores are working overtime As street food venders howl out their price I'm leaning on a violated parking meter Outside a laundromat when suddenly Brainless laughter echoes from two loaded GI's Singing Irish songs in the street And the passersby poked their fun But not me I bit my tongue "cause I (CHORUS) Kill the night in the neon wilderness And crawl these desert streets back home Blood thirsty I search for tenderness At least I ain't in this alone With savage eyes I hunt for a caress In the neon wilderness Young romancers creep through darkened alleyways Sidewalk salesmen sandbag with their charm Pool room con-men argue in a hallway As backroom strongmen feel each other's arms I bought a late edition from a corner newsboy Hollering headlines and tragedies His broken record played in front of a cafe' While half asleep blue cops walked their beats But I can't complain, I'll do my time I'm guilty of the same crime 'cause I (CHORUS) SIDE STREET MASQUERADE It's Halloween everyday The masks never come off And I was watching you from in my car As you conveyed your mood Your troubled attitude To your friends that I don't like They don't like me They took your side street masquerade seriously They blamed me You're just a side street masquerade A real romantic twist In a comic strip town Those soapy dramas I detest As you parade around seeking sympathy >From a crowd of pettiness Just like you guessed They took your side street masquerade seriously They blamed me You're just a side street masquerade I watched you play your part so well You're an artist at exaggeration You paint yourself a tragic face And the fools you call friends Swallow your creation It's Halloween everyday They masks never come off But you gave yourself away this time Lecture on my life Sigh your worried sigh Feed those fools your alibis You made them cry They took your side street masquerade seriously They blamed me You're just a side street masquerade BACK TO NOTHING, LAUGHING BOY I been caught in tender traps I got footprints on my back I can't believe I'm dying again I pressed my ear against the door And heard her whispering for more Why do people have to pretend? I stood like a question mark With her initials in my heart Begging her to please act her age She said, "I don't know what you're talking about Don't make a scene, no need to shout Just crawl away back to your cage (CHORUS) Because it's back to nothing, laughing boy The show's over, I hope you've enjoyed Your fun while it lasted, tragic boy "Cause it's back to nothing You're destroyed, laughing boy" I did my little monkey dance Down her hallway in a trance I hid behind my comedy I never fell in love so fast I never thought we'd never last I turned away in silent defeat Shivering in a parking lot My hands were numb, my nerves were shot I stumbled toward the sad part of town In front of the five and ten On the dime-a-ride horse drunk again I cried as the curtain came down (CHORUS) DIRTY FACED ANGEL Once upon a past life You were such a tease In a dive on Dream Street Dancing where the dead meet When one of the drunken fools Tried to touch you I came to your rescue Decided I would be your ride home (CHORUS) You said, "C'mon, don't put me on You're a dirty faced angel Some other time, not tonight" And when I tried to change your mind You became unkind Better luck next time You made like you didn't know me As I poured my heart out You laughed sipping wine As I dwindled into nothing Just like a fly I dropped Out of sight and then Kept coming back to Linger in your sweet loveliness (CHORUS) That's when I fell off The edge of madness Insane from sadness As you danced your last dance I got down on my knees And begged you to love me You thought you were above me You said I'd make the perfect stranger (CHORUS) PAPER DOLL She was fresh out of school Her family's jewel Down on St. Mark's Place She was touching up her face When I went searching to find myself With fallen faith and pride And I met a paper doll That needed someone for the night In pastel party rags Flew the paper doll While through cautious eyes I was trying to decide If I was only dreaming Or if she was really there When like a fool I fell too soon For someone who'd never care (CHORUS) I was hungry for the paper doll The princess of the night When I turned my back the paper doll Moved the finish line Whatever happened to the paper doll Who left me here to die? Torn to pieces by a paper doll She buried me alive She was fresh out of school Her family's jewel Down on St. Mark's Place Now, she's the family's disgrace There's two stories to every side She was using me She handed me an ice cold surprise Now, I'm melted history (CHORUS) ONE OF A TOUSANDS CLOWNS I called you by mistake But while you're on the line How come you said goodbye When I thought you were mine? My friends told me that you were Less than meets the eye With fingers in my ears I'd fall apart inside I refused to see What they seemed to know You made a fool of me One thing before I go (CHORUS) I'm one of a thousand clowns Don't you remember me? I'm that guy you used to know One of a thousand clowns Why won't you answer me Is this the girl that stole the show? Each night I wondered What you were like in real life When you were all alone And out of your disguise You know I never had it In me to pretend I bet you tell stories About me to your friends That's all right with me We all need a laugh You had me on my knees I'm gonna make this fast (CHORUS) DAMAGED MAN Each day is no different than the last Imagining at your little desk Alternatives tempt you from your whereabouts You review the options in your head You're being pursued by something strange You can't help feeling you're being timed Your temper burns your reason away You're running down the street in your mind (CHORUS) You're a damaged man punching out A victim down for the count Too bad you can't beat up time Or try and come back from behind Damaged man, damaged man Underneath the stairs again Everything is out of hand Now, break out your secret plan Damaged man You've tried and sentenced yourself to life In the washroom you wet your face You ask your reflection where you are It tells you to get out of that place Down ugly streets past shut down stores With ball and chain eyes stark raving mad The little boy in you lets out a cry For the heartaches and bad breaks that you've had (CHORUS) BAD HIGHT LULLABYE Night after night While sleeping tenents snore So deep in lonely thought I pace the kitchen floor I need a ray of light My sense of humor's gone I'm all locked up inside I prowl the night till dawn (CHORUS) The city is weary Except for me no one's around The cold streets are empty But through the stillness churchbells sound It's a sad song What went wrong? These demons haunt me day and night I wipe the tears from my dark eyes As I sing this bad night lullabye What day is it today? I live inside a box I've lost all track of time My life is on the rocks There's a moat around my heart It's a castle draped in black And the drawbridge won't come down "Cause I guard against attack (CHORUS) NO PITY ON NINTH STREET The spirit of adventure Came barging in my room He looked just like a gangster In the dreary night light gloom He lit a cigarette and said As he lifted my chin, "Look deep in that mirror, kid Meet your assassin Wake up, There's no pity on Ninth Street Time's creeping in What are you waiting for?" He clapped his hands And the hands on the clock Slapped my face And started shoving me out the door No pity on Ninth Street Full of doubt, I still stepped out In the dreamy night I thought I heard voices somewhere It sounded like a fight Then three chefs from Hell's Kitchen Came and caught me in a lie They left me in a back alley Wishing I would die When I heard, "No pity on Ninth Street" The spirit reappeared Among some broken glass He clapped his hands And the hands on my watch Slapped my face And brought me to my feet as he laughed "No pity on Ninth Street" AIN'T IT FUNNY HOW THE HEART SURVIVES Like a shooting star She fell out of the magic sky Her love light found me In my darkest hour that night She touched my lips And woke the dead silence in my life Ain't it funny how the heart survives Ain't it funny how the heart survives Ain't it funny how the heart survives We shot through the dark And as the city slept we talked It didn't take long For her to sense my tragic flaw I let my guard down The episode intensified Ain't it funny how the heart survives Ain't it funny how the heart survives Ain't it funny how the heart survives We drove to her house She showed me her room I fought off feeling out of place But when she kissed my face I could feel my old self die away Six in the morning Down the long sleeping highway The sun was rising To start a melancholy day I played our scenes back In my mind a million times Ain't it funny how the heart survives Ain't it funny how the heart survives Ain't it funny how the heart survives UNSUNG (CD #3) THE LAST ANGRY MAN He never walked on floors that belonged to him He always ended up one step behind Every night he prayed that he'd be sent something That would make some sense to him this time Always with a frown Like a sad sack clown A nobody with a one line part Never at ease Never appeased Love seems like a stranger to his heart Love seems like a stranger to his heart (CHORUS) There's only one journey And no happy land Just the rage that lives inside The last angry man He lives without a reason He moves without a plan Say a prayer and light a candle for The last angry man The last angry man Every fearfilled day and every sleepless night He wonders if there'll ever come a time When his discontent will one day disappear And he'll finally find some peace of mind He knows that life ain't fair He knows that no one cares Still in all he still makes his demands He dwells on his mistakes And everything he hates And wonders why no one will lend a hand He wonders why no one will lend a hand (CHORUS) Underneath the awning of a sad pawn shop He stares at the horn he used to own The closest thing he ever knew to happiness In a band he used to play trombone But that was long ago Now, he's got nothing to show For those days of dance halls and of song He sits in a bar With his head up in the stars Drinking, thinking how his life went wrong Drinking, thinking how his life went wrong (CHORUS) TOUGH GUYS DON'T DANCE She said, "Are you scared to feel love again? Don't you know I care? Take a dare C'mon take a chance Tough guys don't dance Tough guys don't dance" She looked in my eyes And said, "What's your game? Don't you think it's time to decide? You've gotta take a chance Tough guys don't dance Tough guys don't dance" She said, "C'mon... you've been hurt before But you've gotta be strong Unlock the door to your wounded heart We'll make a new start You've gotta be tough You've gotta be tough You've gotta be tough to be tender" She said, "It's your move, now, make up your mind Tell me, has this been a waste of time This is your last chance Tough guys don't dance Tough guys don't dance Tough guys don't dance Tough guys don't dance" REMEMBER ALWAYS There is a street Where nothing will grow Where no light can reach Where hope never shows And there is a silence Loud as a graveyard There is a stray cat creeping And then there's me (CHORUS) Remember always I told you Those without shadows Never see the sun shine Tonight as I look all around me I fear I'm dying I wanna see you one more time I wanna see you one more time There was a time When this was a place Where roses would bloom And smiling faces Pasted on the sidewalk Now, there's no trace of Their happy laughter They pull their curtains down (CHORUS) There is a house That's never a home Where there is a room A man turn's to stone He thinks of the place Where dreams die alone And where the forgotten hearts Can never forget (CHORUS) THE KING OF THE KIDS Lucky was the king of the kids He lived on my block In the projects in the sixties In the sandlot He looked like Jimi Hendrix With fire in his eyes This colored boy was trouble But we idolized the guy Built like a building Faster than a cat The town had never seen a greater halfback (CHORUS) Hey, man, Remember the king of kids I don't know what it is I'm haunted by things he did Hey, man, He walked like the king of kids He talked like the king of kids He ran like the king of the kids I remember Mickey Mantle Slapping the spokes My brother on the handlebars With a bottle of coke When Lucky stormed up to us And he screamed, "You wanna fight?! To you I'm just a nigger But I'm better than you whites!" Mr. Jones explained As he shot out of sight Some white guy shot and killed His old man last night (CHORUS) Lucky was the king of the kids He lived on my block In the projects in the sixties Built like an Ox But when he started changing That body went to pot Everytime you'd see him He'd be selling something hot On his sixteenth birthday He pulled his last alarm He died on the street With a needle in his arm (CHORUS) VOICE FROM THE PAST In this corner stands a man in pain Trying not to fall Up against the ropes tonight, he's tired But he'll try and fool them all Destroy the evidence that's on your face Pretend you're strong You've been carrying around That bag of guilt so long That you've weighed down What's the matter long lost little boy Are you afraid to show your hand? There's a riot going on inside your mind Since you've become a man Trapped in the revolving doors Of all your life long shame All the nervous classrooms That you sat in taught you Pain and sorrow (CHORUS) And this voice from the past Keeps haunting me Laughing at me Being cruel Oh, this voice from the past Keeps asking me If I'm still the same old fool I hate the voice from the past Don't turn on the lights Let your mind swim in the silence for a while This world is a dark theatre Filled with frightened actors Hiding behind smiles When it comes to fools You are the champion of the world Banished to that tragic place Where all sad clowns are hurled ... and forgotten (CHORUS) EAT AT JOE'S Puddles in the street And gasoline rainbows The sandwich sign said, "Eat at Joe's" Oh. you're really sly I bet you saw me coming Well, break my will I'll give you what you want (CHORUS) Because you talk my talk Loose and fast We don't need reasons We just need gas I'm going home To get all my clothes And tell them I'm leaving And we'll meet at Joe's You're no more than a child Shrugging your shoulders I'm love sick to dead so don't turn away I'm no liar You smear lipstick on And I just can't resist it Don't make a doomed affair >From my mad desire (CHORUS) GINA Another night Another moon above I'm sitting by my window Across the street I see the one I love In her room all alone Most every night They call her from the street I hear them calling, "Gina" I wish I was The one she runs to meet But I'm just a dreamer What can I say How can I tell her that I feel this way She doesn't know my name (CHORUS) Gina, I wanna get to know you I wanna be your friend Oh, Gina, I wanna get to show you That true love never ends True love never ends True love never ends What's this I see I can't believe my eyes Gina and me together Arm in Arm Beneath the neon sky Pledging our love forever I hold her close And just as our lips meet I wake up by my window Her light is out She must be fast asleep I guess that she'll never know What can I say How can I tell her that I feel this way She doesn't know my name (CHORUS) FAMILY PORTRAIT My grandfather came to this country In spring of 1923 He left his wife in Sicily When he was just a boy His family were masons by trade For fifteen hours a day he slaved He sent for his wife with the money he made He could not be destroyed The holy smell of Momma's sauce On sad Sunday afternoons My old man with his rosary My brother snoring in his room Lately, I been thinking about Where I fit In this family portrait My father fought in WW II Stationed in Honolulu He married my mother when the war was through A proud Italian boy In '49 my brother was born In '55 I came along Through the rough times they braved the storm They could not be destroyed So, what happened along the way Why can't I be half as strong? All my dreams seem out of reach now Everything's turning out wrong Lately, I been thinking about Where I fit In this family portrait THE ZERO HOUR I passed a note to Carlos Said I'd meet him after school In the courtyard To talk about the news The CIA had photos Arms were camouflaged Fidel and the fat man Hated Camelot (CHORUS) Oh, there is nowhere to run It's the zero hour The final countdown's begun It's the zero hour Castro in pajamas On a sofa bed Was throwing crushed cigars At JFK's head God and country On the basement floor Trembled at the game We practiced for (CHORUS) We did the locomotion With the Russian bear We divided the ocean Planes were in the air We held our breath Waiting for the final sin Till the fat man backed down And the fever was broken And while Hefner lived like Gatsby All America Watched with blurred vision At what we wished we were That was long ago And these are different times Still at night I wonder If we're still blind (CHORUS) MAY MY TONGUE TURN BLACK You're a teenage princess But you ain't gunshy I'm just a child Waging big dramas in my mind But good and evil's Divided by a fine line (CHORUS) Don't you dare give me that stare I'll just give one right back If what I say ain't true May my tongue turn black Smoking cigarettes On the high school steps With city slang on my tongue I was the teacher's threat One sin led to another Headstrong and reckless (CHORUS) I'm tired of playing angry roles And tricks of tragedy Your loveliness amazes me Should I pretend not to see I swear I wanna make friends I don't wanna be like this Come hold me tight And save my life with just one kiss My tramatized mind Has had enough of this (CHORUS) THE LAST ENCORE I walked the streets last night Trying to make my mind up about you I tried and tried To make all of your fairy tales come true I'm a fool But I'm coming back again Under sad streetlights I stood and watched the snow begin to fall The winter wind chilled the night And somewhere in my mind I heard you call Calling me back To make amends (CHORUS) Girl, I'm coming back once more For my last encore My last encore One more time I'll be walking through your door For my last encore My last encore I waited all my life Believing someday I could make you mine But now we fight Were all my dreams a tragic waste of time I'm sick and tired Of you tearing me apart (CHORUS) Make me no more promises Tell me no more lies I'm a fool for rushing in But this is the last time So, kiss me once again And tell me all the words I long to hear Tonight I'm by your side But this is the last time you'll have me near Like a clown Dancing on a string (CHORUS) BIG TALK, OLD DEBTS (CD #4) THE LAND OF ALWAYS NIGHT I guess it wasn't my fate I guess it wasn't my time To put a claim on a dream And make it all turn out mine It seems like just yesterday I left my family and home And went out into the world And wound up lost and alone (CHORUS) In the land of always night The land of always night I wonder if there's ever gonna be another chance for me In the the land of always night The land of always night Hiding in the darkness of the city running wild But then she came along And she rescued my heart We both lived for our love The king and queen of the dark But soon everything changed Like a photo love fades One night she whispered farewell To the whole sad parade (CHORUS) I guess it wasn't my fate I guess it wasn't my time To put a claim on a dream And make it all turn out mine If you see her one day Tell her I'm doing fine Don't breathe a word of my pain And how I lost my mind (CHORUS) BIG TALK, OLD DEBTS Well, hello again No, I won't shake your hand And I won't kiss your cheek But these last words I'll speak Through all the years And all the fears I ain't forgotten when It all came to an end You stole my pride away from me And on your soul you lied My face is the last one you'll see So, for your own good Stay away from me (CHORUS) Revenge is sweet But it is a dish That's best served cold Big talk, old debts It's a miricle I ain't killed nobody yet The world has changed But some things remain the same I swear you should have died On the street that night So, for now, goodbye But you better grow some eyes Behind your head I won't rest till you're dead I'll catch up with you one day And settle this old score I guess for now I've said enough I see you still think you're tough (CHORUS) GIRL IN THE PARKING LOT The girl in the parking lot She's waiting for her crowd She's dressed to kill Every night she's out She lives down the street In Shakespeare Towers Her act is complete She's got fatal powers She's the girl in the parking lot She's young and she's hot The girl in the parking lot She knows what she's got The girl in the parking lot Her family's got cash They spoil her rotten She spends money fast Her mother ran off With some other guy Her daddy'd away For months at a time She's the girl in the parking lot Her life's a long shot The girl in the parking lot She's tied in a knot The girl in the parking lot She's gonna turn you to dust The girl in the parking lot When she's in your arms She's no one to trust The girl in the parking lot She's got all the moves She's larger than life But not bullet proof A joyride turned into Armed robbery... In the summer calm She's dead on the street Through red flashing lights And sirens ablaze I stood and I watched Them take her away Her eyes were wide open Blood on her hands Girl in the parking lot Was this your plan? She's the girl in the parking lot Searching the wrong spots Girl in the parking lot For love she never got HOMETOWN HELL By the dawn's early light The streets started to steam As I sat on the curbside Unshaven and demeaned And as my thoughts strayed away Into the silent beyond I pondered all my dreams And this treadmill I'm on I can't take it no more In the hot summer heat Forgotten and forlorn Out on the street The gray ash from the factories And the garbage strike smell Welcome to my sad hometown hell Welcome to my sad hometown hell (CHORUS) My sad hometown hell Blame it on whatever Blame it on yourself My sad hometown hell Where the deaf, dumb and blind Ain't got nothing to tell Living in this sad hometown hell Living in this sad hometown hell Well, the dog in us all Looks for a bone Every once in a while When you're down and the only miricles on the block Are the diesel rainbows That grace these black streets When the rainy wind blows Here I stand in the blackness Of the desolation This guy in a bar He can get me a gun Maybe this was my fate Since my innocence fell Living in this sad hometown hell Living in this sad hometown hell (CHORUS) WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT I wrote all the reasons I was leaving down Nailed it to the church-door In my town Tattoo and Mousey Were waiting for me Late last night In Union City The moon shone bright Like a wafer in the sky Tattoo had a gun Mousey had a knife We stopped in a bar Mousey had a fight Tattoo pulled his gun out And shots rang in the night (CHORUS) He, Mousey, look... Tattoo, wake up... There's a rainbow in the sky I wonder if God does exist If He does You're going straight to hell For what you did last night What you did last night Standing on the dock Gazing at the skyline With Tattoo and Mousey I was losing my mind Thinking 'bout sin Thinking 'bout pain Thinking that the both of them were insane I called home My mother was crying She called me a disgrace She cursed at me for lying She said the front page Told all that we did She said I wasn't raised to turn out like this (CHORUS) I cried as we crossed The Hudson County line The dead guy's face Was still in my mind I swore to himself As they made our plans I'm getting out of here Just as fast as I can They made me vow Into the night We'd always live as one Blood brothers for life I saw the abyss I made the sign of the cross I don't wanna wear this albatross (CHORUS) TROUBADOUR Another night, Another town, Another song, Another round, >From down the street, I hear the sound of his sad guitar A poet of the ragged life The broken dream The barroom fight In torn bluejeans He's back tonight The aging troubadour (CHORUS) Hey, man, sing a song for me Play one sweetly, play one mean Sing of all the wrong you've seen Till they lock the door Hey, man, sing what's on your mind I love your melodies and rhymes I'll sit here till closing time With the troubadour How long you think He's played these gigs? I wonder how old he is... Is this the only happiness... of the troubadour? How many women over time Left him when they realized They'd be second in his life Because he's a troubadour (CHORUS) The blues guys played until they dropped I wonder if he'll ever stop And will he make it to the top The aging troubadour He's better than the radio But he don't care how many know This one man band He plays his show As they talk over him (CHORUS) DIANE You loved, you lost Your heart was tossed It's all so clear The pain, the fear Each page of your life Has always been a fight But you don't have to be With strangers every night (CHORUS) I'll put it on the line If you ever change your mind You know where I am Diane, Diane You know where I am Diane.... I stepped over the line this time Before you go You've got to know This space in my heart needed fillin' in See, I'm a lot like you I needed a friend (CHORUS) I know It's hard for one Who's always had to run >From all of your struggles and your fears Diane, if not with me then, with somebody To show you what you deserve to be I loved, I lost My heart was tossed It's all so claer The pain, the fear Each page of my life Has always been a fight But I don't wanna be With strangers every night I'll say it one more time If you ever change your mind You know where I am You know where I am You know where I am Diane, Diane You know where I am Diane.... CRAWLING I was rolling a boulder up a mountain I was sailing an ark across a storm I was running lost through the dark forest Cursing the day that I was born I was drowning in a river of bad blood I was hammering nails in my own hands I was struck down without any mercy Praying someone would understand (CHORUS) Crawling, Crawling In a bottomless pit, girl, I was falling Crawling, crawling Till you saved my life, girl, with your love You were sent from heaven above I was caught in a flood of desolation I was engulfed by dragon fire I was running with the falling angels Following my wicked desires I was condemned without a hearing Losing my mind, chained to a stone Until you came into my life, girl I was a million miles from home (CHORUS) I was dancing in the flames of hell, girl I was blown away by the winds of change I was struggling hard to keep dignity In a world that's gone insane I sat in the desert waiting for a sign I mumbled my prayers machanically Until you rescued me from myself I was blind, now I can see (CHORUS) WHAT'LL I DO IF THE ROSES DIE Queens Boulevard It's raining hard The actress climbs the stairs And locks her door Well, I wish I held her hand Like her leading man With every show She seems to glow more So, I'll buy her roses every night And leave them on the stage in the footlights And I'll watch her as she takes her bows I've got to get to her somehow tonight (CHORUS) So, let the curtain fall With every curtain call I'll be in the front row in the clouds The audience can cry While the understudy sighs But what'll I do if the roses die What'll I do if the roses die Every time She speaks the lines About her wounded heart I want her more The sub-text is clear Love is what she fears I've got to be the one She's waited for These flowers are the only way My only chance that someday she'll see me And I'll leave them lying at her feet And leave the theatre in defeat tonight (CHORUS) Well, I walk home alone Through the streets I roam On this windy, rainy night I wish I held her tight Well, these flowers are the only way My only hope that someday she'll be mine And I'll watch her window from the street How I wish our lips would meet tonight (CHORUS) 911 Hell across the river Who's got a radio Who could have done this Doesn't anybody know? I know somebody in there I know his family America, America... God shed His grace on thee Since I was a child I always believed I was safe and sound In my own country But now there's so much I don't understand What will heal This wounded land? (CHORUS) And here I stand At ground zero There's no place to hide There's no place to go It's black as death In the morning sun On September 11, 2001 On September 11, 2001 Remove the metal Remove the stone The Mothers and Fathers That won't come home What once was Will no longer be There's devils in the sky Over our country Get me through the day Get me through the night Look at the tears In the Statue of Liberty's eyes We're filled with resolve, But where do we begin Battling shadows In the wind...? (CHORUS) Tell me who are these people, And where have they gone? How will we know When we have won? Get ready to bleed Get ready to fight I ain't gonna sleep Too well tonight... (CHORUS)
All instruments and vocals performed by John Mollica
These songs were recorded on a Korg D16 Digital Recording Studio
Copyright 2002
Cover photos by Tony Natoli
Dashboard Saint Records, Inc. Copyright 2002
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